Concession Contributions

This year’s drink donations from each family by last name’s initials are as follows:

A-C Sprite (24 12oz cans)
D-F Coke (24 12oz cans)
G-I Diet Coke (24 12oz cans)
J-L Dr. Pepper (24 12oz cans)
M-O Orange Gatorade (16 20oz bottles)
P-S Lime Gatorade (16 20oz bottles)
T-U Red Gatorade (16 20oz bottles)
V-Z Bottled Water (48 bottles)

If you would like to opt out of donations for concessions you may due so by paying a $20 fee toward our ability to stock the stand for this season.

If you have any questions in regards to the above information, please contact any member of the Shark’s board.