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2019 Dahlgren Sharks Contact Information

Below is a phone list of the Dahlgren Sharks swim team RSL officer, executive board members, Aquatic facility/manager, and coaching staff. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please feel free to contact any board member or the Head Coach.

A communication file box with a folder for each family is located at the pool. Parents and swimmers are requested to check this box daily. If your child will not be available to attend a particular meet, please place a note in the Head Coach’s folder. Paper and pencil is provided in the front of the communication box.

Important Dahlgren Sharks Number/Email

Contact Info is for TEAM-RELATED USE ONLY! Solicitation is PROHIBITED

President Nathan Morrow

Vice-President Debbie Thomason

Treasurer Debbie Bennett

Secretary Carril Bentz

RSL Rep Bill Fairfax

2018 Head coach Ally Bentz

King George YMCA 540-775-9622

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