Below is a list of the Dahlgren Sharks swim team RSL officer, executive board members, and coaching staff. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please feel free to contact any board member or the Head Coach.

A communication file box with a folder for each family is located at the pool. Parents and swimmers are requested to check this box daily. If your child will not be available to attend a particular meet, please place a note in the Head Coach’s folder. Paper and pencil is provided in the front of the communication box.

Contact Info is for TEAM-RELATED USE ONLY!
Solicitation is PROHIBITED

2020 Board and Coaches
President Debbie Thomason
Vice-President Heather Brown
Treasurer Nathan Morrow, 540-538-2243
Secretary Nancy Green
RSL Rep Bill Fairfax
2019 Head Coach Samantha Hunkele
2019 Assistant Coaches Emily Bennett

King George YMCA 540-775-9622