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2017 Swimmers of the Week

Another new season is upon us and we are looking forward to our fourth year with the KG YMCA and our 52nd year as the Dahlgren Sharks! We are excited about our team and how many new swimmers we have along with many who have been on the team for a very long time.

June 26th - June 30th

Our first Girls Swimmer of the Week selection goes to 14 year-old Jenna Kapp. This is Jenna’s fourth year with the Sharks. She has proven year after year what a hard worker she is and how valuable she is to our team. Jenna is also a member of the year round Rappahannock Raiders swim team and she spends many hours in the water. Jenna’s work ethic exceeds most athletes her age, but this past winter her passion for swimming was put to the test when, during warm-ups at a USA swim meet, she dislocated her knee. Surgery was the only recourse for her, followed by months of rehab and time away from the water. But by March she was back in the water, plugging away, working that knee back into shape. And now, she’s back, full strength and her performance at last week’s meet against Hopyard was amazing. Jenna was back to her winning ways! In the 100 meter freestyle, Jenna placed third with a time of 1:06.19; then (aged-up to swim with the 15-18 girls), Jenna placed first in 50 meter fly with a time of 32.87 and first in 50 meter back with a time of 34.84. In relays, her freestyle relay team placed first with a time of 1:02.76; she swam the butterfly leg of the medley relay team, who placed first with a time of 1:07.18; and she swam third on the Graduated 125-Meter Relay team who placed first with a time of 1:26.53. We are so glad to see Jenna back in the water. You’ve worked hard, Jenna, and it shows! Way to go!

We are very pleased to announce Jordan Thomason as our first Boys Swimmer of the Week for the 2017 season. This is Jordan’s second year on the team; and although he is only five years old (and the youngest member of the team) he has really started to shine and become a true team member. Jordan truly loves swimming and is also a member of the year round Rappahannock Raiders swim team. At our first meet last week against Hopyard, Jordan placed first in 6 and under boys 25 meter freestyle with a time of 32.91; and first in 6 and Under boys 25 meter backstroke with a time of 32.53. This is a new event this year for six-year old’s, so Jordan’s time becomes a first team record. Jordan’s 100 meter freestyle relay team (B-relay) placed second (beating Hopyard’s A-relay team) with a time of 2:16.13. We are very proud of Jordan’s progress and enthusiasm this year. Way to go, Jordan!

July 3rd - July 7th

Our girls Swimmer of the Week recognition also does not go to one individual swimmer. There is no other way to honor these girls than to give the award to the entire 13-14 girls 100 freestyle A-relay team. These girls are undefeated for the season so far. The winning relay team that swam last week at Ferry Farm consisted of Jenna Kapp, Carter Wasser, Marie Macaluso, and Caroline Bentz. At our meet against Hopyard the week before, Caroline was absent and Emily Bennett swam in her place. These girls are also members of the Rappahannock Raiders year round team (with the exception of Caroline who swims in Stafford.) They swim twice a day, besides attending Sharks practices. Their hard work pays off at each and every meet. We are all very proud of these young ladies.

Our boys Swimmer of the Week goes to not one deserving swimmer, but to four swimmers! At last week’s meet with Ferry Farm, the 8 and under Boys 100 Freestyle A-Relay team scored their second season victory. And in the process, they broke the RSL yard record by swimming this event with a time of 1:15.75, beating the existing time of 1:16.37! The week before, at our first meet against Hopyard they set a team record by beating the existing record by over nine seconds. So, congratulations for great swimming to Elijah Foringer, Jayson Wofford, Jude Redford, and Wayne Thomason! We are very proud of all of you and look forward to more relay victories! Let’s go undefeated this season!

July 10th - July 14th

This week our girls Swimmer of the Week recognition goes to another well deserving athlete on our team. Ten year old Julia Foringer has been on our team for three years. She comes to practice every day always with a positive “can-do” attitude. Julia’s fast freestyle time usually keeps her on the 9-10 girls freestyle A-relay team. That relay team has scored a first place finish at all three meets. At the meet against Woodlands, Julia placed 7th in 100 meter free with a time of 1:44.70, 8th in 25 meter free with a time of 19.95, and 7th in 100 meter IM with a time of 1:59.22. At the Ferry Farm meet Julia placed eighth in 100 yard free with a time of 1:24.28, third in 25 yard fly with a time of 20.28, and 7th in 100 yard IM with a time of 1:42.49. At our first meet at Hopyard, Julia placed third in 25 meter free with a time of 18.69 and second in 25 meter fly with a time of 23.60. Julia works hard a practice, is a great team player and we are proud of her accomplishments. Way to go, Julia!

Our boys Swimmer of the Week award goes to one of our swimmers who has been on the team for a very long time. Starting out as a six-year old in 2007, Eddie Tidwell, from the very beginning, has always given 100% at practice and at meets. Eddie also is a member of the King George High School swim team. He practices hard every day during the first practice and then helps out with the next two practices. His presence in the water and on deck with the little ones during third practice is greatly needed and appreciated! Eddie’s best stroke, no doubt about it, is backstroke, but he puts his best foot (or should I say, fin) forward in just about any stroke. Eddie was a triple winner at our first meet with Hopyard, scoring first place finishes in 100 meter free (1:02.28), 50 meter back (32.26) and 100 meter IM (1:11.50). The next week, at Ferry Farm he placed third in 100 yard free (56.38), first in 50 back (30.00), and second in 100 year IM (1:04.84); he swam on the 15-18 boys freestyle A-relay and the Graduated A-relay as well. Then last week, despite the disappointing one point loss to Woodlands, Eddie placed first in 50 meter back (32.75) and third in 100 meter IM (1:10.02). It is a pleasure to coach and work this young man; he is always polite, respectful, and hard working. Thank you, Eddie for all that you do!

July 17th - July 21st

Our fourth girls Swimmer of the week for this season comes on the heels of a very tough loss to Curtis Park. Losing to a team that is almost twice as big as ours, and consists of mostly very talented year round swimmers is hard to take; but that’s when you look at how well our team did and that we must reflect on the small victories and the individual accomplishments. Eve Bonney is one of those shining examples. Eve (and her nine wonderful brothers and sisters) is new to our team this year. Believe it not, her family lives in La Plata, Maryland (her dad is retired from the Army) and they commute down here every day (braving the traffic on the Harry Nice Bridge to King George). Eve is not new to competitive swimming. While stationed in Italy with her family, she and her siblings swam on the European Forces Sports League. Eve loves competitive swimming, has enjoyed improving her technique, and was ecstatic about her performance at the Curtis Park meet. Not only did she win two of her heats, but, in the process, dropped time in her events; swimming 50 meter back with a time of 46.06, 50 meter breaststroke (55.14), and 100 meter IM (1:46.02). She was very happy that her hard work paid off. We’re happy she works hard, too, and we’re very proud of her accomplishments. Way to go, Eve!

Our boys Swimmer of the Week also hails from the state of Maryland; he and his family moved here last year. Swimming his second year for the Sharks, 17-year old Elijah Boykin is a key player for the 15-18 boys age group. His fast freestyle earns him a permanent spot on their freestyle A-relay team. He scores points for every event he swims. He is a rising senior and also a member of the King George High School swim team.It’s not unusual for Elijah to climb out of the pool after practice, grab his life guard gear, and climb up in the stand to work the rest of the day. And it’s not unusual (on days when making practice is not possible) to see him swimming laps on his own. Elijah’s hard work pays off; at the meet against Woodlands, he placed third in 50 meter free (27.90), fourth in 50 meter fly (33.81), and 6th in 50 meter breaststroke (42.52). Last week, against a very tough Curtis Park team, Elijah placed 5th in 100 meter free (1:06.09), 4th in 50 meter free (28.33), and 5th in 50 meter fly (34.38). Elijah is very easy going, pleasant to his peers and coaches, works hard in practice, and definitely a team player. We’re glad you are a part of our team, Elijah. Way to go!

July 24th - July 28th

This week’s Swimmer of the Week comes on the heels of a well-deserved, much needed win over Chancellor and both our swimmers of the week helped contribute to the victory. Our girls’ Swimmer of the Week, seven-year old Raegen Wood, is a newcomer to the team. She and her sister, Tatum, started coming to the Y in the spring for some private swim lessons. Coach Guthrie saw the potential in both girls and strongly encouraged their mom to join the team. Raegan is showing steady improvement since the beginning of the season. She is currently our top 8 and under freestyler and backstroker. Raegan finished first in 25 meter free last week at our meet with Chancellor with a time of 22.22, and second in 25 meter backstroke with a time of 28.50. Raegan has made tremendous improvement since the beginning of the season. Her fast freestyle keeps her on the girls 8 and under freestyle relay and the 18 and under girls graduated relay teams. Raegan comes to practice every day with a positive attitude. She enjoys swimming and makes the most of practice. We’re glad you are a part of our team, Raegan. Way to go!

Our Boys’ Swimmer of the Week is the youngest member of a family that has been with the Sharks for most of Coach Guthrie’s 20 years of coaching the Sharks. Only his second year with the team, eight-year old Elijah Foringer is part of the “Fearsome Foursome” (better known as the undefeated…..and RSL Yards record breaking) 8 and under Boys’ Freestyle Relay Team! Besides the relay team, Elijah has several significant milestones of his own. First, he’s mastered the relay start off the blocks, which comes in handy as he is the third swimmer in his relay team. He also has worked hard on those ten meter kick-outs. Elijah doesn’t like missing practice. He’s very enthusiastic and takes his swimming seriously; often seen swimming on his own, or with his family. This positive attitude has paid off many times in our meets. Elijah usually places in the top three places in his events. Just last week at the Chancellor meet, Elijah placed second in 25 meter free (20.69), third in 25 meter butterfly (27.85) and second in 25 meter breaststroke (30.12). We appreciate all your hard work and dedication, Elijah, and are very glad you are a part of our team. Good job!

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