Online Registration

You must completely fill out the Registration Packet PDF and email it to the treasurer,, before paying!!!   The form will let you electronically fill it out and sign it if you use Adobe Acrobat Reader.  We do need signatures for the document to be complete.  Once done, please attach it to an email and send it in.  And don’t forget to choose shirt sizes for all of your swimmers.

st swimmer – $155.00
2nd swimmer – $130.00
3rd swimmer – $105.00
4th swimmer – $85.00
5th+ swimmer – $60.00 each

We do ask for a commitment to stock our concessions at the beginning of the season.  Please click here for details of that.

You have two payment options

  1. Send your payment in the mail to
    Dahlgren Sharks
    PO Box 1852,
    Dahlgren, Va 22448
    Please indicate you are sending your payment in when you email the PDF.
  2. Submit paperwork first and then pay right now at Square.
    A processing fee is added to the transaction automatically.
    Do not add multiple swimmers to the payment using the plus/minus buttons.  Instead use the drop down list.  it’ll be cheaper.